Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fake Job Interviews !!! 2017

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There are so many job recruiters out there particularly in different parts of Lagos with various strategic means of exploiting and extorting innocent job seekers fresh graduates.

I heard a chat with a victim just of a recent, and this is his story:

"Just at the break of a new year I decided to apply for job as my present situation demanded. I applied through a mobile application tagged 'JobcityNigApp'. Within space of 24hours I got more than three invitations for assessment and interviews from companies I never applied to.

See the screenshot below,

In summary, I confirmed that those packs of fools are time wasters, demanding for money in a very ridiculous approach from helpless job seeker that possibly must have had it rough to arrive at the interview center in hope for a better future. I think it is important for Nigerian Police Force to intervene into this situation."

Ok please, if you experienced the same situation in recent time, kindly leave your comment here to help educate others that may be victim of these scumbags.

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  1. After reviewing your RESUME.You have been selected for a JOB BRIEFING with
    the Human Resources Management, on Tuesday 14th March 2017,At the Branch
    Office TITANIUM NIG by 9am @ 2 Akin Oshiyem Str,Opp Sterling Bank, Off
    Allen Avenue, Ikeja,Lagos.


    Kindly be inform that you should come with a printout copy of your invite
    Or a phone where it can be REVIEWED

    Regard Affairs Solutions